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Covenant of Rhiannon History

The Covenant of Rhiannon Community: The Witches of Cape May, began in 1976 with  Starlight Coven,  our membership was rather untrained and young. In 1981, Bob Bitting, went to Philadelphia with Patricia, HPS of Starlight, and  studied with a Faerie  Coven, and was initiated. Bob then moved back to Cape May, and,  with Grace Kemelek,an initiate and friend of Sybil Leek,  reformed the old Coven, training both the new and old members in a combination of The Welsh Faerie Tradition, and the Horsa Tradition. They both joined the Universal Life Church and 1995 received a Church charter. 

 At the passing of Grace in early 1995, the Wand of the High Priestess was passed to  Tami Marks. Henry Buchy joined Covenant of Rhiannon around this time. Covenant of Rhiannon saw a lot of growth in the 90's...in 2000 due to some personal issues, Bob went on hiatus from Covenant of Rhiannon, and most of the duties of the group were shared between Henry and Tami. Bob Formed Church of Ravenstar, a Church dedicated to Gay men's Spiritualty...The Church of Ravenstar was incorporated in 2000 as a NJ non Profit Corporation. Covenant of Rhiannon officially affiliated with the Church of Ravenstar in 2004. 

Members of the Covenant of Rhiannon Community

Bob Bitting

 Tami Marks 

Henry Buchy

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