Membership Application

The Covenant of Rhiannon is one of the oldest established Covens in the Cape May, NJ area. Membership in COR is completed through a process of application and interview. Applicants must live in the Cape May, NJ area, although exceptions may apply. All prospective members must fill out an application and submit it either via e-mail or postal mail, upon approval of the application, you will be scheduled for a first person interview. Not all applicants are accepted. Applicants that are accepted will become associate members until training and initiation are completed. The Covenant of Rhiannon is an associated Church of the Church of Ravenstar: a NJ Non-Profit Corporation

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1. How long have you been interested in Witchcraft?


What led you to this path?

Why do you want to be a Witch, and what does Witchcraft mean to you?


2. Do you have a preferred Craft tradition?

3. How do you define your religion/spirituality?

4. How much do you know of basic Witchcraft?

5. Have you been initiated into Wicca/Paganism? YESNO

By a teacher?

By a coven?


6. Have you been initiated into a specific tradition? YESNO

If so, to what level?

7. Have you been part of other covens? YESNOstudy groups? YesNOWhy did you leave?


How do you feel about these groups in retrospect?

8. What do you consider your strong points, both personally and as a Witch?

At what magickal skills do you excel?


9. What do you consider your weak points, both personally and as a Witch?

What skills do you wish to perfect or learn?

10. What conflicts, work schedules, or other personal commitments do you have that could interfere with coven meetings?

11. How does your family feel about your involvement in Witchcraft?

12. What other religions have you followed in the past?

13. Are you involved in any ethnic cultural activities related to your chosen tradition?

Do you do folk dancing, speak anther language, have knowledge of folk crafts, etc?

14. Are you "out of the broom closet?" (Pagan slang for those who do not hide their religion from the general public.)

15. Have you ever taught the Craft to another person? YESNO

If so, assess the experience:

Is that person still involved in Paganism? YESNO

16. Why are you interested in this coven and/or this tradition?

17. In a best-case scenario, how do you envision a coven?

18. What can you contribute to this group?

19. What do you expect the group to give to you?

20. Do you smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs? YesNO


21. Are you allergic to incense or wine? YESNO

22. Do you have any illnesses or physical conditions that could be aggravated by coven practices such as fasting, vigorous dancing, drinking wine, lighting candles, etc.? YES NOExplanation:

23. what ideas come to mind when you hear the word "sex"?

24. What ideas come to mind when you hear the word "self"?

25. What ideas come to mind when you hear the word " Pride" ?

26. What ideas come to mind when you hear the word "power" ?

27. What ideas come to mind when you hear ther word "passion"?

28. What ideas come to mind when you hear the word "darkness" ?

Check any of the following that interest you.

Astrology Yoga Physical Conditioning

Native American Crystal BallsI Ching

Dream Interpretation Herbal MagicNumerology

Sex MagickAlchemy Psychology

Esoteric Christianity Ghosts & Spirits Massage

Psychic Development Palmistry Voodoo

Holistic Healing Occult Philosophy Paganism

Personal Religion Nature Religion Parapsychology

Sexual Energy TrainingTANTRA Polarity Therapy

Spiritual Guides Witchcraft Astral Projection

Herbs and Healing Martial ArtsWicca

Borderline SciencesAnthropology Meditation

Health Foods Graphology Divination

World Religions Tarot Dowsing

Practice of MagicLey Lines Kabbalah

Spiritualism/Channeling Prophecy UFOs

Western Mystery Tradition Visualization Mind Training

Celtic MythologyWestern MysticismGeneral Mythology

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