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Welcome tothe Covenant of Rhiannon Community: The Witches of Cape May NJ Website...The Covenant of Rhiannon is  the oldest establishedCoven in the South Jersey area. 
The Covenant ofRhiannon is a  Welsh Faerie Tradition Coven.  We are aleft hand path tradition...Our primary focus is the Feri Tradition of Victor and Cora Anderson,  but, the Covenant ofRhiannon is also  descended from Sybil Leeks Horsa Coven...for moreinformation on that lineage click here
Victor Anderson is often quoted as saying "Anything worthwhile is dangerous", and Feri is both. The current in which we work is that of life and creation. The very power that maintains the cosmos. This current flows through all things, whether we're conscious of it or not. Feri isn't really something that can be taught, it can only be learned. We can only teach one how to learn it. One learns it from deep within ones self and from the living world around us. We can only teach the ways to look deep within, and the tools to become conscious of this deep lusty current of life. 
 Our training and practices place a much greater emphasis on developing the most important tool of the craft; the very self of the Witch.It stresses the importance of deep inner work, the acknowledgement of things which we'd rather not face, which are buried deep within us.Yet in so doing, we not only come to terms with those things that we fear and loathe, but also the true beauty and grace of our own humanity and our own divinity.  
 Faerie Tradition is the wildpower of the woodlands and of the Lords of the Outer Darkness. We tap into acurrent of energy thatother traditions would just as soon leave alone, or not recognize at all. And this can befrightening to the student of our path. Indeed, our version of Faerie, practicespossession by the Gods during ritual, similar to the rituals of Vodou orCondomble, and we haveour darker aspects, just as the Gods do...We are not ALL light and love...Yes, welove...and deeply...but there is a darker side to our nature also, as is in all ofcreation, and we recognize that darker side. We feel that there is a danger in Notrecognizing the darker aspects within yourself... To be touched by Faerie is to be touchedby the wilderness... all that is wild and free... and it is not a path to tread onlightly...but it IS a path where you can lightly tread! 
Membership in COR iscompleted through a process of application and interview. Applicants must livein the Cape May, NJ area, although exceptions can apply. All prospective membersmust fill out an application , upon approval of the application, you will be scheduled for a first personinterview. Not all applicants are accepted. Applicants that are accepted willbecome associate members until initiation and training are completed. TheCovenant of Rhiannon is an associated Church of the Church of Ravenstar: a NJNon-Profit Corporation. 


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From Thomas the Rymer:

'Oh see ye not yon narrow road ,So thick beset with thorns and briars?
That is the path to righteousness Tho' after it but few enquires-
'And see ye not see that braid, braid road That lies across the Lily leven?
That is the path of wickedness Tho' some call it the road to heaven-
'An see ye not that bonny road That winds about the ferny brae?
Oh that's the road to fair Elf-land Where thou and I this night maun gae-'

  Blessings of Darkness and Light! ~Covenantof Rhiannon Board of Directors.

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