Covenant of Rhiannon Community: The Witches of Cape May
A Congregation of the Church of Ravenstar: a NJ non- profit corporation

Bios of  Covenant of Rhiannon Members


Lady Ariana

I was born December 17th 1962 at 11:00 AM...I have been practicing Witchcraft since 1987 when I met Bob Bitting at work, who along with Grace Kemelek, a descendant of Sybil Leek , initiated me into the "New Forest Tradition"...Bob and Grace both initiated me into the Welsh Faerie Tradition later that year.When Grace passed into Summer, The wand of the High Priestess was passed along to me.

Since I was 5 years old, I knew I was "different"...My mother always "knew" things too, but she never spoke to me about it. I believe she passed her gifts over to me, although I was always fascinated with the occult, I never associated it to the way I knew I was.

I am the mother of three children, Dylan, Shayla and Wade, and I am incorporating the magickal ways into our family life.


Henry Buchy

I was born July 18,1957 at 12:00pm,Taurus rising,Aries moon with 5 planets in Leo,among someother strange alignments.I had what you may call a strange childhood,a description of which would be too long to go into.:-) I was taught by my mother to read at the age of three,besides her love,it was the greatest gift she could have given me.At the age of 12,I happened upon a copy of Lao Tzu,that began my interest in religious and philosopical systems.You may find it funny,but I learned much of what was meant in it from the t.v series"kungFu".By time I graduated from High school,I had read Both of Blavatsky's major works,The Baghavad Gita,selected Upanishads,Some of Croweley's works and The old and new testaments.My outlook on life tends to reflect a blend of Hindu,Buddist,and Taoist beliefs.My freetime pursuits are the study of ancient religious beliefs,legends and mythologies.In the last 3 or 4 years,I have begun to study the modern forms and uses of these ancient practices.I have yet to embrace any set tradition or path,except the path of study and knowledge,however,I am beginning to feel a tendancy towards the way of the shaman.




Bob Bitting

I was born on July 26th, 1961, at 12:00 Midnight, which makes me a Leo with an Aries rising and a Capricorn moon. I am descended from a family of what I would call Hereditary Witches, although most of them would not.  I began studying Psychic Phenomena and Witchcraft with my Grandmother (honest! ) at around age 7. In my late teenage years shortly after High School, I formed a small Coven in Cape May, . In the early eighties I studied with a Faerie Based Coven in the Philadelphia area, and was initiated . I moved back to Cape May and began to reform the old group into the Covenant of Rhiannon Community, along with The Late Rev. Grace Kemelek, a student of the Late Sybil Leek. Grace Taught me elements of the Horsa Tradition. On Mabon 2005, I was initiated into the Feri Tradition...finally validating my own link to link to Feri.

Rev. Robert S. Bitting D.D. "Ravenstar" Holds a certificate of completion in Psychic Awareness and Metaphysics from Rev. Gail Farace IFC ICA.Has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Trinity College, A Masters Degree in Religion from the Universal Life Church, a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Universal Life Church, completed a course in Motivational Meditation and was awarded a Doctor of Religious Sciences Degree. Is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, The American Fellowship Church, The Church of Seven Planes, The Church of Spiritual Humanism and is Bishop of NJ in the Church of the Seven Planes and a member of the International Clergy Assn. Robert is a certified Counseling Techniques Specialist. Robert is  Reiki and Seichim master/teacher. Robert has been a Psychic and Metaphysical counselor for over 25 years. He is  founder of Covenant of Rhiannon Community, , and Founder of the Church of Ravenstar:A NJ Non-Profit Corporation. 


Wendy Conover

 I was born on November,30 1971,at 9:30 pm on a Tuesday.  a sassy Sagittarian through and through. I was told when I was born I had a partial caul. Some say that marked me as being gifted spiritually. I have four wonderful children, and my nephew. I learn just as much from my children as they do from me, as it should be I think. In I am going on 21 years in April of being married to a wonderful supportive man and he has not asked to trade me in yet!

     I do own a small business hand crafting and customizing ritual tools and Jewelry. Which I love. ,Most recently how ever I have discovered my love of healing through Art and the use of Energy.  I feel my path in Feri has a strong hand in that passion for working with energy.. I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Method, and on my way to becoming certified in the use of tuning forks and sound healing.   

    My life changes so fast. As do my views through experience and growth. My story of how I wandered into the world of paganism is an echo of a story we hear over and over, so I will not bore you with that the important thing is I am here in the Now.

    There is no truer statement that when the student is ready a teacher will come, even that has layers, every one I meet teaches me a lesson weather the circumstances are good or bad.  So I will  tell you this endearing tale of how I came to be on the road to Feri. Odd that really, .to make Long story short as I can talk all day long. I was sitting in the salon to get my hair cut and my hair dresser plops down beside me" whatcha reading?" . Smiling I showed her the cover of Elemental power. She says then you "have" to come with me tonight to this…..” book club”. We read that sort of stuff. Thoughtfully it was pondered upon and I decided to just take the leap and went. That is how I ended up on this beautiful path of Feri~ness.

Lucky them, they are stuck with me now!

Need more?

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